Workshop Strategic Fraud management

30 november -0001
08:30u - 17:30u
Security Management & Fortress Academy

The purpose of the workshop is to create a structure to achieve a strategic fraud policy for your organization.

You will get the latest insights on fraud and effective anti-fraud policy. You will gain insight into various types of fraud and learn how to recognize fraud.
You meet fellow security professionals with whom you change the content of the box ideas. Workshop Strategic Fraud Management focuses on professionals who have practical work experience in security and at managers who enter the security from a different field and line (go) to a security organization.

You go individually and collectively to work on critical success factors in order to arrive at plan to write a successful fraud policy for your organization.

For whom?
The workshop is structured so that it is interesting and useful for everyone who is involved at a strategic level with fraud.
This workshop is interesting for security professionals, IT managers and finance managers.