Recap: CEO Peer-to-Peer Lunch about Cybersecurity

12 Jun 2024
Author: HSD Foundation

Yesterday, Cybersecurity was the theme during the CEO Peer-to-Peer Cybersecurity Lunch hosted by Rotterdam Square to raise awareness for cybersecurity and enhance the digital security of organisations in the sector. Security Delta organised a crisis scenario which enabled a group of CEOs from the Life Sciences & Health network the opportunity to dive into the topic, exchange knowledge with peers and share experiences.


Following a quick introduction, ten CEOs collaborated actively on a crisis incident scenario. Energised and involved, each person was assigned a role inside the crisis team. The incident's influence became evident as soon as one experienced its speed and magnitude. Although it is impossible to prevent a hack, a crisis drill can assist to bring attention to the importance of being well-prepared and to take precautionary measures to limit the impact and reduce the chance of being hit.


Participant Patrick van Luijk from BioCheck: "Good case, well structured, the different roles provide food for thought. Taking a closer look at the compliance, certification and current plans and now also tackle the setting and exercise aspects instead of omitting them. Now it really becomes clear how important it is to actually do this."


This initiative continues the sectoral approach of the Cyberweerbaarheidscentrum Greenport, launched in October 2022, aligning with our ambition to expand the sectoral cyber resilience approach to various sectors. This cyber lunch is supported by the Metropoolregio Rotterdam Den Haag (MRDH), Sectoraal Digitaal Veilig and Provincie Zuid-Holland in collaboration with Rotterdam Square.



Following the event, there were many positive reactions. For instance, someone told us that crisis management is more complex than it seems. People had opinions on ransomware occurrences before, but after hearing the responses from the various roles during the session, it is evident that the situation is more complicated than that. Additionally, another person mentioned that even though one may have a clear idea of the final outcome, the advice you get to get there is a separate domain that you cannot easily get into as a small organisation.


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