Leiden University Starting New Bachelor's Programme in Cybersecurity & Cybercrime

11 Jul 2024
Author: HSD Foundation

Leiden University will start the new Bachelor's programme in Cybersecurity & Cybercrime in September 2025. This will be a multidisciplinary study in which the field of ICT security is approached from the disciplines of computer science, administrative and organisational science, criminology, and law. According to the university, the program is well in line with the growing demand for cyber experts and there are plenty of opportunities for students in the labor market.


Bibi van den Berg, Professor of Cybersecurity Governance at Leiden University, is closely involved in the new programme. She calls themed subjects such as ransomware and responsible disclosure the best parts of the new study given by teachers and cyber experts. 'This is how current challenges are highlighted in a concrete but also in-depth way,' says Van den Berg. The specific focus on cybercrime is 'unique'. According to the professor, only limited attention is paid to this in existing training programs in the form of a single minor or a single subject.


The university states that the programme is well in line with the growing demand for cyber experts. 'These days it is no longer the question of whether incidents in the field of cybercrime occur, but when. In addition to prevention and preventing cyber incidents, lessons are learned from what happened,' an announcement states. To prevent the teaching material from becoming dated, lecturers will also give lectures who also research current cybersecurity- and cybercrime- topics. 'They process their results annually in their subjects. In a themed subject such as ransomware, the main challenges are constantly dealt with. Should they be no longer a topic of discussion, a subject will be redeveloped,' says Professor Van den Berg.


The Hague

The study is offered on the campus of Leiden University in The Hague. As a result, the students are 'close to the fire', according to the university. All kinds of international and national organisations in the field of security, cybersecurity, and cybercrime are located in The Hague. From ministries to Europol and the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NATO-NCI) to the Global Forum for Cyber Expertise (GFCE).


The programme is in Dutch with some English-language courses. Deans of secondary schools and students in the upper secondary school of the VWO have now been informed of the new study. The university is further expanding its expertise in the field of cybersecurity with the bachelor's degree and is looking for three university lecturers with expertise in cybersecurity and governance.


Source: Computable.nl


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