Cyber Kracht

Cyber Kracht is the platform for companies in South-Holland who want to know more about cybersecurity

Because how do you protect your company against cyber crime? At Cyber Kracht, we give useful tips & tricks to protect your company in an easy and useful way. Entrepreneurs from several sectors have talks with cyber experts. Furthermore, you can get in touch with cyber experts, who help you with your needs.


The number of cyber-attacks increases and regularly entrepreneurs are the victim. Cyber criminals often don’t look at the size or value of a company, but at cases where a lock misses on the digital door. Often, small and middle companies have a less tight security network, while consequences of digital unsafety can be enormous. Therefore, Cyber Kracht hands the right tools to better protect your company.


HSD Talks & Tools

Are you a company and do you believe that cyber criminals are not interested in your business? HSD Talks & Tools have the purpose to answer your questions regarding digital safety. Entrepreneurs have conversations with cyber experts and you can find useful tips & tricks in the field of online security.